Groovy Sans

Groovy Sans is an experimental retro, psychedelic display font with links to the 60s hippie movement and its origins in the algorithmic art movement. These letterforms were envisioned using processing, the graphical integrated development environment, and sine waves to distort a plain sans-serif font into something lively and full of energy. Groovy Sans was born from this distorted chaos, and each letterform was adapted, cleaned, and precisely redrawn into its funky and smooth appearance today.

I wanted to experiment with distorting digital typefaces into something new and exciting, and I think Groovy Sans does just that. Groovy Sans’ iconic visuals are beautifully curvy and directional, like hair blowing in a summer's breeze. With high contrast strokes, normal width letterforms, and fluctuating stems leaning slightly to the right, Groovy Sans is sure to liven up and bring a bit of life to any of your designs.

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