New Blood 2022

This campaign is a special edition collaboration between Top Trumps and Dazed100, empowering young change-makers and creatives through a set of iconic collectible Top Trumps cards. Combining the iconic status of Dazed magazine with the nostalgia of Top Trumps, this partnership is a staple for current Gen Z pop culture.

Top Trumps collates the best of the best into a set of defined cards. It’s about championing players’ love of all things pop-culture. Dazed100 brings Top Trumps further into the conversation, with the magazine being firmly rooted in youth culture, this collaboration champions young creatives and supports their ambitions. The Dazed 100 made into a set of cards is a celebration of their achievements and creativity.

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Creative Team: Athalie Francis, Livia Vourlakidou, Jack Price